2023年返校节:澳门十大博彩直营首页登录邀请校友, 朋友和社区邻居来“豪的家”

10月. 12, 2023

的第一行 澳门十大博彩直营首页登录母校 celebrates the region the College has called home for more than 200 years, 以及10月的周末. 20-22, 校友, parents and friends are invited to return to “where Chilhowee’s lofty mountains pierce the Southern blue” for 2023年回国.

“Home to Howee” will feature signature events — the annual Homecoming parade, 工艺节, 一场足球赛, class reunions 和更多的 — along with new activities such as the revamped 创始人日展示会 and an all-inclusive fan zone known as Scot-Land for children and adults. Unless indicated otherwise, all events are free and open to the public.

班车将于10月11日星期六运行. 21,从早上9点开始.m. 直到中午12点.m. 然后从1p开始.m. 至下午五点半.m. to transport attendees to various events and parking locations on campus and RT小屋 (pick-up locations are marked by Scottie Shuttle Stop signs with balloons).

“返校对校友来说总是一个特殊的时刻, 学生, 教师, staff 和 community to celebrate our shared love for the College,” Jennifer Phillips Triplett, 07年学院的主任 校友事务. “的 campus is buzzing and ready to welcome many ‘Home to Howee’ for fellowship and festivities. 我们计划了庆祝同学聚会的活动, 重新联系合唱团和运动队等群体, 并表彰由同龄人提名的著名校友. 的re is nothing like 十大博彩直营首页登录 in 10月ober and I hope all our 校友 make plans to come home. 今年, 我们很荣幸地欢迎1963年的里程碑式聚会班级, 1973年和1983年, 还有以3分和8分结束的班级聚会.”

请访问 http://0036yt1v.anythingcreativestudio.com/homecoming 查看50多个独立活动的完整时间表和细节.


主教练 本狐狸 将为前十大博彩直营首页登录足球运动员举办11月11日的晚宴.m. 十月午餐. 在皮尔逊堂的普罗菲特餐厅. 的 presentation will highlight the next day’s match against LaGrange College and give 校友 an opportunity to meet current coaches and learn more about the direction of the football program under Fox.

Golfers are invited to register for the annual Boydson Baird Memorial Golf 之旅nament at Lambert Acres Golf Course. 组织的 兰迪·兰伯特,76年在美国,活动在下午1点开始.m. 霰弹枪开始. 的 十大博彩直营首页登录排球苏格兰人 下午三点开始两场比赛.m. 对阵亨廷顿学院(下午7点再次比赛).m. vs. Wesleyan College),和 annual 校友 Baseball Game will take place at 7 p.m. 在苏格兰场.

创始人日展示会 七点开始吗.m. 在 克莱顿艺术中心, and reunion celebrations honoring 校友 from classes ending in 3s and 8s will be observed in various capacities during the afternoon and evening.


Saturday will include continued reunion gatherings as 校友 recognize their graduation from 十大博彩直营首页登录, 从五年前到1953年的毕业生, who will come together to mark 70 years since they crossed the stage. In addition to an Archives exhibit on display titled “From College Hill to the World” that sheds light on the international connections of alums as missionaries, 教育工作者, 外交官和部署的军事人员, 第二届校友早午餐将于上午10点开始.m. to noon in the William Baxter Lee III Foyer of the 克莱顿艺术中心. Open to all 校友 和ir family members, the cost is $20 per person. 的 annual Veteran’s Breakfast will be held in conjunction with the 校友 Brunch and is free of charge for veteran 校友 (RSVP is requested). A limited number of tickets for the 校友 Brunch will be available for purchase on Saturday morning.

阿尔文·C. Baker ' 72 Harvest Craft集市,由 布朗特县校友会,将于上午9点开始举行.m. 到下午2:30.m. 在校友体育馆,早上10点.m., 新命名的苏格兰球迷区将开放, 特色是小斯科特儿童区, 追尾, 快餐车, 校友和学生组织表, 一场体育招募活动, Nibblet的出场, 十大博彩直营首页登录马队的迷你马及吉祥物, 和更多的.

“We are so excited to introduce the 十大博彩直营首页登录 community to Scot-Land this year,特里普利特说. “It will be a wonderful opportunity for 校友 to learn about and support student organizations on campus, 包括 苏格兰科学十大博彩直营首页登录,学生程序设计委员会 学生退伍军人协会三beta生物俱乐部的倡议 十大博彩直营首页登录校友会 比如多元化工作组和KT全球工作组.

“Plenty of space for enjoying lunch from our food truck partners will be available, 当然还有小斯科特儿童区, 由十大博彩直营首页登录社区参与十大博彩直营首页登录组成, 会有脸部彩绘, 充气弹跳屋活动和更多.”

的 annual Homecoming Parade around the College’s Circle Drive begins at noon. In addition to student organizations and reunion classes, the parade will be led by the 十大博彩直营首页登录 Pep乐队.

澳门十大博彩直营首页登录-拉格朗日学院开球 足球比赛 是下午1点吗.m. 在Honaker球场,所有人都可以免费入场. 除了足球,主持人 男子足球队 将在下午4点对阵亨廷顿学院.m.,和 女子足球队 下午6点对阵艾格尼丝·斯科特学院.m. 两场比赛都将在十大博彩直营首页登录足球中心举行.


学院的年度纪念仪式, 哪个奖项是为了纪念十大博彩直营首页登录家族在那之后去世的成员 2022年回国,将于上午10点举行.m. 周日,10月. 在… 校园事工中心. People unable to attend can watch the service online through a livestream available on the 十大博彩直营首页登录 website.

“Homecoming is a celebration of our shared love for 十大博彩直营首页登录 and a true highlight of the year for our 校友,特里普利特说. “的re is nothing like coming home to this campus 和 larger local community, and we invite everyone to join us in celebrating our love for the College and taking part in all the activities planned. Homecoming is the highlight of the year for so many of us here at 十大博彩直营首页登录, and we look forward to sharing this special weekend with our friends and neighbors here in Blount County.”


In celebration of Homecoming weekend, the College has partnered with the 玛丽维尔市区协会,由执行主任领导 阿曼达·贝克·吉鲁利03届) to spread the orange-and-garnet spirit beyond the campus and into the community. Members of the 玛丽维尔市区协会 will recognize 十大博彩直营首页登录’s Homecoming through posters and specials available to 校友 and Blount County residents. Diamondjack Wine Bar will feature two 十大博彩直营首页登录-signature drinks, 维也纳咖啡馆将为穿着十大博彩直营首页登录服装的顾客提供美食, and Two Doors Down will provide a party bus shuttling patrons between Broadway Avenue in downtown Maryville and campus, Gillooly补充道.

“作为一名澳门十大博彩直营首页登录的毕业生和玛丽维尔的长期居民, I’m excited about the opportunity to further partner with and celebrate the College in our downtown community,”她说。. “This will be such a special treat for visiting 校友 和ir families and will be a great way to bring some of the Homecoming activity into our downtown businesses.”

 Additional details will be revealed on the College’s various social media channels. Members of the 玛丽维尔市区协会 interested in participating should contact Gillooly at amanda@downtownmaryville.com.

十大博彩直营首页登录 is a nationally-ranked institution of higher learning and one of America’s oldest colleges. 200多年了, 我们把学生教育成有奉献精神的公民和有天赋的领袖, 学习一切, 这样他们就能为任何事情做好准备,解决任何问题, 与任何观众互动,立即开始成功的职业生涯. 位于 田纳西州Maryville在…之间 大烟山国家公园 这座城市 诺克斯维尔, 澳门十大博彩直营首页登录提供近1,200  学生 from around the world both the beauty of a rural setting 和 advantages of an urban center, 以及60多个专业, 七个专业预科课程和 职业准备 从第一天到最后一天. 今天, 我们10,000 校友 are living life strong of mind and brave of heart and are prepared, 用我们的话说 长老会的创始人,即“尽最大可能做好事”.”