Tuition and Fees

100% of Maryville College undergraduate students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, 奖助金, awards or need-based assistance, making the cost competitive with public institutions. At Maryville College, for over 200 years, we have historically awarded generous scholarship and financial aid packages. Every admitted student is eligible for the Scots Legacy Award valued at $20,000 to become part of our residential community. And that’s just the beginning of our financial scholarships! Our on-campus scholarships range from $20,000 to full-tuition! Become a Scot and join the Legacy that is Maryville College! For more detailed information for first-year students, as well as transfer students, please visit the 金融援助 section overview.

Maryville College Direct Costs 2023-2024

Single Semester
秋天 & Spring Semester
Tuition (Full-Time)$18,809$37,618
Room (Basic rate – See all rates)$3,133$6,266
餐(金) 查看所有计划)$3,367$6,734
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of our students receive financial aid.

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Student 活动费用s are expended for purposes to benefit the student body in general – includes, but not limited to, student publications, athletic and other events, intramural activities, student wellness facilities, as well as support for officially recognized student organizations. A large portion of this fee is given to the student 政府ernment association to support student selected activities.

服务费用 are expended to support a variety of non-instructional student services, such as the academic support center, library resources, campus technology, student health, counseling and mental health services, 和其他人.

An Enrollment Deposit of $300 is required of all new students intending to enroll at Maryville College. Your enrollment deposit is applied towards your overall costs.

Student parking is $100.00 /年.

* The College does not manage a student health insurance plan but encourages all students to be protected by a health insurance plan. If you are not covered by a family plan, you may visit 医疗保健.政府 for details concerning an available policy.

程序 Specific Fees

Student Teaching Fee$120 / semester
阅读费$60 / credit hour


Indirect Costs (Estimate)

书 and Supplies$1,240.00
Personal Expenses$1,580.00

奖学金 and Need-Based 金融援助 are available to offset 总计 COSTS.

Tuition and Fees Schedule – 2023-20243

Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary STEM

A one-year/3 semesters/36 credit hours graduate program in Education

Tuition / Fees M合计.A.T. 程序
Tuition per credit hour$408$14,688
Application Fee$50$50
Comprehensive Fee (per semester)$276$828
Parking Fee (per year)$50$50
Student Teaching Fee (fall and spring, per semester)$120$240
EDU 502 Education Technology course fee$100$100
Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable, credited to tuition balance)$300
Required Fees Total$1,268
GRAND 总计 TUITION and FEES$15,956
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